Many thanks to your kennel for helping our family to find such a sweet friend. From the very first day our pomeranian Snowflake became the member of family - noisy, playful and so dear to our hearts. My husband and I were worried that we would be bored in retirement. Not at all now! We have many pleasant moments taking care of our pomeranian. We recently joined the city club for dog breeders and are preparing for the first dog show.

Taganrog, Russia

When our daughter was about to turn 12, my husband and I decided to present her a pomeranian for the birthday. Why did we choose pomeranian? Because we saw on the Internet a photo of this wonderful dog and the whole family immediately fell in love with it. We’ve been looking for a long time for a responsible breeder, who would offer both a puppy with a perfect pedigree and help us in the beginning with advice about pomeranian care. And we wound Very satisfied with the acquisition and the attitude of the breeder!

St. Petersburg, Russia

I’ve been thinking for a long time about becoming a pomeranian breeder. And i finally bought my first dog for participation in dog shows and breeding. I was lucky to find fast a good breeder with elite puppies. It was expensive, but I am completely confident about the pedigree and the purity of the breed. And I am expecting in the future excellent results on dog shows! I am grateful to Donnadzhes El De Pote breeder for excellent puppies and support for a notice breeder.

Penza, Russia

I bought a pomeranian from Donnadzhes El De Pote breeder ( in August this year and never regretted that I’ve chosen this particular breeder. The first thing i was worrying about were the health and the quality of the pet. I was provided with photos and live video, pedigree, vaccination certificates and a veterinary conclusion. My second concern was delivery. I live in Poland and it is difficult for me to come to Russia to take the puppy home. The breeder had provided safe delivery of my puppy to my city. And the third concern was support. The breeder had always been eager to help when i’ve been contacting her for consultation.

Krakow, Poland